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Everything to Know About Zoe Kwan

6A,LO, Hiu Lam, Cherry

16-year-old Zoe Kwan is a legitimate superstar, but if you are not plugged into the pop world, you may be forgiven for never having heard of her. Whether you are a die-hard fan or a passerby, you really should take five minutes out of your day and read her interview with Do-Re-Mi.

Zoe has just won the ‘Best New Artist’ at the HKTV Music Awards and has sold out shows across the globe. She has amassed millions of fans and followers and generally has been run ragged from one event to another. The 16 year old Zoe has had a mighty impact on pop.

After she released her debut album ‘Everyday’ in the second half of 2019, her music video on YouTube was on the top of the worldwide trending list for a week two days later. Not only did her views rise rapidly, but the number of her Instagram followers also skyrocketed: from one million to five million. While envying her sudden rise to fame, you may notice that she is living under tons of pressure. Getting a mass of attention in this youthful age, it’s no wonder she was feeling the stress. As she wanted to prove her ability and show it to everyone, she began to work on music every day while still completing her schooling. But the path to glory is always rugged, especially for a 16-year-old! It is laborious to handle this stressful and demanding job while still achieving excellent results at school. Zoe worked full throttle and tried to burn the candle at both ends in the hope of doing well at everything. However, this overwhelming stress sent her into a depression at the start of this year. Despite the many success that Zoe has achieved at a young age, the road to superstardom has been far from an easy one for her.

Although she is still young, she makes a variety of music, ranging from balads to R&B. The ideas behind her songs are from her hometown, Hong Kong. Since she hoped more people could be aware of this exquisite city, she wrote most of her songs about it. One of her most famous songs, ‘Two Sides’, is about the artificial and natural beauty of Hong Kong. The lyrics describe scenery on the Peak where the shimmering skyscrapers and the glittering Victoria Harbour all the way to the green hills of the New Territories can be seen. Besides this, it gives a description of the natural wonders of Hong Kong, citing the spectacular rural landscape. Take a 20-minute drive from just about anywhere in the city and it will take you to idyllic beaches and hiking trails through green mountains.

Songs that she wrote at the beginning of her career are about how she pursued her dream and persuaded her parents. ‘15’ is a song about the story of how she persuaded her parents to let her go for her dream, to be a singer. There are lyrics about how her parents are distraught, and how she is disheartened and how the journey is fatiguing and tough on her mental health. Also, how she showed her parents that she was well-equipped and emotionally prepared to handle this stressful and demanding job in a mature, modest and calm manner. Moreover, she guaranteed that she would turn to and confide in them whenever she felt vulnerable and unconfident. Though she was suffering from depression at the beginning of her career path, she overcame it and became the Zoe Kwan that we all admire now.

Zoe’s story has lessons for us all. After learning more about Zoe, all of us should know that it is arduous for a teenager to live under that much of attention. Therefore, all of us should be more encouraging and less critical of others. For a Hong Konger who always wants to promote this enchanting city to everyone on this planet, supporting Zoe Kwan’s new album ‘Fancy’ is a must. If you want to know more about stories behind Zoe Kwan or other celebrities, please follow Do-Re-Mi for our next interview.

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