Australia Immersion Program 2019

4B,Hui Chi Ming,Jimmy

The most important thing I learned from Australia Immersion Program is that it helps me step out of my comfort zone. The first challenge I faced was communication. No matter meeting my classmates or host family, I had to communicate with them in English which is not my mother tongue. My advice is that you have to try, whether you are good at it or not. Keep trying to listen, to speak and to read, after you get used to it, you will be amazed how brave you are and it really improve your English standard.

he second challenge is trying the things you have never experienced before because you will get no chance to do them in Hong Kong. I went on an outdoor education camp for a week and everything was new to me. Have you ever slept in a forest without a tent or walked on a wall? We needed to build our own shelter box and slept in it one night. Don’t forget that it was winter at that time in Australia and it was only a few degree Celsius at night! Also, I tried abseiling too. It was really amazing. You feel like it was falling but actually you were not! It was really fun to walk on a stone wall like James Bond. Besides this, we went horse riding which was a good experience too. Most Hong Kong teenagers have not ridden or touched a real horse, and in Australia, I had a chance to enjoy horse riding for a few hours. Although at the end I fell asleep as the horse was really peaceful and quiet, it was a wonderful experience for me.

The third challenge was learning how to relax. To be honest, living in Hong Kong is not easy as we are surrounded by stress: from study, teachers, parents, or even yourself. If you get the opportunity to chill, then why not? Every day after school, grab a cup of tea and sit outside your house, then relax by looking up at the sky. That is the Aussie style! When the sun starts setting, go jogging is a good idea too. Remember to look around and listen, birds are singing when the sun was setting down in the clear sky, amazing!

The program has brought me countless unforgettable memories and benefits. I not only improved my English ability, but also gained more confidence by overcoming challenges. I enjoyed the Aussie lifestyle very much and I really wish I can visit Australia again.

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