Australia Immersion Program
BoBo Cheng

Australia Immersion Program (July-August 2017)

4C,BoBo Cheng

I participated in the Australia Immersion program during my last summer vacation. It was a 7-week program and I studied at Fraser Coast Anglican College (FCAC) at Hervey Bay.

The major benefit of participating in this program is that my English skills have improved. I stayed with a host family and I had a roommate, so I had many chances to communicate with them in English. My host mum and my roommate also taught me many new vocabulary words. My communication skills have improved too, as I have made a lot of friends at school, and I kept chatting with them every day.

The school organized various activities for students. I joined the Sport Day and Colour Run. The Sport Day was similar to the one we have in Hong Kong, but the colour run was very fun and meaningful. It was a charity activity that all participants needed to pay 5 Australian dollars. We had face painting before joining the running races. All the money was donated to a hospital in Australia. I was delighted that I could help the needy in another country.

I had a buddy at school, her name is Meggan. She was very kind and helpful. She took good care of me at school and she was very patient to me whenever I had questions. My host mum was very friendly too. She cooked a lot of tasty food for me and took me to different places at weekends, such as Sunshine Coast and Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary. We joined different festivals including the Whale Festival and the Seafood Festival! She also taught me to do handcrafts. We made cards, and boomerang during our free time. What is more, she took me and my roommate to watch the sunset every day!

Besides the good memories with my buddy, my host mom and my roommates, I had many unforgettable experience in Australia. The first one was whale watching. I had never seen real whales before and I found that they were huge and very cute. The second unforgettable experience was the visit to Fraser Island. Fraser Island is a very beautiful place, but when we traveled to the Island by a bus, my seat belt was broken. The road was bumpy and It would be dangerous for me if I did not wear my seatbelt. Luckily, my roommate kept holding me throughout the journey to the Island. On Fraser Island, I got a chance to look at the view of Hervey Bay from a small aircraft. I will never forget the stunning view I saw that day. My last unforgettable experience was horse riding. We needed to control the horse by ourselves. It was very exciting though it was a big challenge for me!

I am so lucky that I have learnt so much from the program and met so many nice people in Australia. It was really a good opportunity for me to improve my English and learn to be independent. I become more confident and brave after the program.

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